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Everyday Beauty Tips For A Natural Look

Having wonderful makeup skills is great when it comes to events, special occasions, and when you have hours to prepare your perfect look. But that isn’t realistic for everyday life. It doesn’t make sense to spend hours every morning getting ready and perfecting your makeup. Sometimes, we just have to make do.

And that is fine! For this article, we’ll look at tips for your everyday beauty routine that can help elevate your aesthetic. Let’s focus on elevating your natural beauty, in opposed to hiding your perceived natural flaws.

Everyday Beauty Tips For A Natural Look

It Starts With The Skin

No matter how much time you put into researching makeup, practising using YouTube tutorials, or getting tips from friends, it all starts with the skin. Having good skin is the foundation behind beauty.

That is why skincare matters in an everyday routine. For some people that don’t have particularly oily skin, a face mask once or twice a week might do it. But realising what kind of skin you have is a good first step into deciding where to go next. One thing that is a must is a skincare routine tailored to you.

It may be worth visiting a dermatologist to get some advice, but a great place to start looking for skincare products to look after yourself is Skinsider. They have a fantastic range of skincare essentials, such as the Purito range, which is natural and vegan!

Take Care Of Yourself

And more specifically, your skin; no surprise there! Tying in with our previous tip, using things like moisturisers or sun creams will go a long way in defending your skin against the elements. 

It is vital to do this from a health standpoint, but also to promote your natural beauty. The benefits of using moisturiser daily can make a difference within a few days. Your skin will feel stronger, look brighter, and dry patches will be few and far between.

Applying sun cream, even during Autumn or Spring, will protect your skin from ultraviolet rays (that can penetrate cloud cover). 

Everyday Beauty Tips For A Natural Look

Pay Attention To Your Base

Picking a good quality primer is essential to help brighten your base and promote your healthy, natural skin glow. Find a primer that works for you from an ingredient and skin tone standpoint. But knowing how to apply the primer is equally important as the primer that you use.

For example, apply your primer in small splotches on your chin, cheeks, and forehead and gently massage it into the most exposed areas of your face. Blending with your fingertips allows you to spread the primer evenly across your skin.

Use A Subtle Foundation

Lastly, for a natural look, you’ll want to apply a foundation. There are different types for different skin tones and shades, but you’ll no doubt use different foundations depending on the occasion.

For everyday life, apply a subtle shade of foundation to your skin tone. A natural look doesn’t tend to use too much additional make-up, maybe some quaint eyeshadow at most, applying foundation before these other aspects is fine. Don’t go for a foundation that is too powerful or grading.

Some Parting Advice

There are so many variations of the natural look, and so it is worth experimenting with different looks that might suit you. With that being said, we hope these tips are helpful for you!