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Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler Review

The soap brows trend looks like it’s going to be around for a long time, and the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler launched as part of the new Essence #PinkandProud collection.

I ordered a few items from the collection, including the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler, as I was intrigued to see how it’d perform compared to other soap styling brow products. 


Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler

Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler

For brows that stand out and make a strong statement! With the STRONG soapy brow styler, it’s easy to shape the brows – from naturally subtle to bushy.

The soapy, transparent texture is ideal for styling the brows and setting them in place to ensure a perfect look in a flash.

Simply moisten the included mini brow brush with a hydrating or fixing mist, capture some of the product and shape the brows in your desired style – the new generation of eyebrow gel.”

Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler

So what exactly is ‘soap brows’? Soap brows originally started with beauty addicts using bars of soap and dampening them with water, then using a spoolie to coat the brow hairs in soap to give the brows hairs a fluffy, upward effect on the brow hairs.

You basically use the soap to give your brows a fuller, fluffy effect whilst also setting them in place all day. Obviously, using a bar of soap isn’t the most convenient method of grooming your brows, so now many beauty brands are launching their own interpretation of soap brows.

Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler

The Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler comes in a little pink cardboard box, with a white tin and a small spoolie to use with the ‘soap’. The tin containing the soap holds 17g of product which is quite generous for a brow soap, and the lid lifts off completely, for you to use the spoolie on the ‘soap’.

The soap is completely clear within the tin, and you’re supposed to dampen the soap with a setting spray, or facial mist to help liquidise the soap to coat the spoolie’s bristles to then use on the brow hairs. 

Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler

I’ve only ever tried one soap brows product at this point, and it’s the Revolution Soap Styler, but the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler is a little disappointing.

The edges of the tin are too high, so you can’t press the spoolie into the soap, only the very tip of the spoolie which negates the whole point of the product. I’ve tried the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler with multiple different spoolies, but none of them can press against the soap due to the edges.

I have tried to use an angled brush instead, and even when dampened, the formula of the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler isn’t great. It leaves the brows looking white with flakes of soap, rather than setting completely clear like soap stylers are supposed to.

Plus it feels so uncomfortable in the brows too. As it’s Essence, the Essence Strong Soapy Brow Styler is super affordable, but it’s near to impossible to use with a spoolie, so it’s not a product I’d recommend trying, unfortunately. You’d be better off with the Revolution Soap Styler instead….


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