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ELF Putty Bronzer Honest Review / Swatches

Following the massive popularity of the ELF Putty Primer, the ELF Putty Bronzer launched this summer as the latest addition to the ELF collection.

It all started with a putty face primer, which originally was one single face primer, but they’ve then gone on to launch a luminous version and a blemish fighting version too. As well as an ELF Putty Eye Primer, and ELF Putty Blushers, so it was only a matter of time before the ELF Bronzer in the Putty formula, came along. However, is it the best drugstore bronzer or best cream bronzer?


ELF Putty Bronzer Review Swatches

ELF Putty Bronzer

Bask in that sun-kissed, back-from-vacation glow all year round. This ELF Bronzer Putty is an unique creamy putty-to-powder bronzer effortlessly blends and blurs into skin, delivering a natural bronzing effect with a smooth, semi-matte finish.

The formula is lightweight, non-greasy, and highly pigmented, letting you build an all-over warm complexion or just a kiss of golden hour contour. Plus, it’s infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E for moisturizing, nourishing, and skin-loving benefits while you glow.

ELF Putty Bronzer Review Swatches

The ELF Putty Bronzer is available in eight different shades, which is amazing for a drugstore brand. It’s so inclusive, and the shade range looks fantastic, with super light and super deep shades.

Other drugstore brands could definitely take note, with brands like Maybelline or L’Oreal thinking two shades of bronzer is sufficient for all skintones.

The ELF Cream Bronzer is packaged within a clear plastic jar, with a black lid, and you get 10g of product. That actually surprised me as the jar feels tiny, but 10g is a decent amount of product, especially for only £6.

ELF Putty Bronzer Review

ELF Putty Bronzer Review Swatches

I chose the ELF Putty Bronzer in the shade ELF Feelin Shady, which is the palest shade from the eight ELF Putty Bronzer shades available. It’s a nice cool toned, light bronzer which works both as a bronzer, and as a contour shade on skin as fair as mine too.

This ELF Putty Contour a lot dewier than I thought it would be. The formula supposedly contains argan oil, which I guess is what gives the bronzer to be ‘shiny’ on the skin.

ELF Putty Bronzer Swatches

ELF Putty Bronzer Review Swatches

I don’t mind a subtle glow from a cream product, but it’s a touch *too* shiny for my liking, and I find myself applying translucent powder over the top to try and tone down the almost greasy skin looking glow.

The ELF Putty Bronzer is a lot sheerer than I thought it would be, and does need to be built up, which isn’t necessarily a negative, as you can go for a subtle bronze. However, if you prefer an intense bronze or contour, the ELF Putty Bronzer Feelin Shady shade might not be a good pick for you, as it’s very sheer and natural.

My favourite method of application is a beauty sponge, as it’s effective at applying a light yet even layer, and doesn’t disturb your foundation underneath. For £6 it’s OK – not the best bronzer I’ve tried, but it is a drugstore bronzer, so it’s nice and affordable. I would much prefer and recommend the XX Revolution Cream Bronzer, which gives highend cream bronzers a run for their money.


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