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Does Hairspray Damage Hair? [Truth Revealed]

Have you been debating whether to add hairspray to your beauty routine? You may be concerned that hairspray can be damaging to the health of your hair – does hairspray damage hair? Let’s take a look at the potential harms of using hairspray and provide tips on how to protect your strands from any damage.

Does Hairspray Damage Hair? [Truth Revealed]

What Exactly Is Hairspray?

Hairspray is a popular hair styling product used to help keep hairstyles in place, and can be used on dry hair, damp hair or wet hair. It usually comes in the form of an aerosol can and contains a variety of chemicals, such as polymers, oils, and resins.

When sprayed onto the hair, these ingredients work together to help create a stronger hold that will protect the style from both heat damage and frizziness.

Commonly available hairsprays are typically on the cheaper end of the market, but there are also costlier options available that offer more superior styling effects.

Which Hair Types Are Best For Hairspray?

Hairspray is generally best suited for those with straight to wavy hair as it helps to tame frizz, provide hold and add volume. Those with curly hair may find that hairspray can make their curls crunchy, making it more difficult to style them.

When using hair spray, it’s important not to use too much or apply it directly to the roots of the hair – instead, section off your hair and spray in short bursts at an arm’s length away.

It is also preferable to look for an aerosol-free bottle (such as pumps), which will reduce any damage done by the chemical particles due to its lack of air pressure when applied.

Also, be sure you choose hair products designed specifically for your type of hair follicles – there are plenty out there now made specifically for colored, natural and fine textured types, so you don’t end up with brittle hair

Does Hairspray Damage Hair?

The most common form of hair damage from hair sprays results from overuse. By spraying too often or using too much hair care product at once, you’re likely to cause buildup on your scalp that can lead to clogged hair follicle root – this can interfere with healthy growth and make your existing strands more prone to breakage.

Even if you don’t overdo it, the drying effects of salt-based aerosol sprays leave the hair dry and brittle after repeated use; those with fine or curly locks are particularly vulnerable as their strands are naturally weaker in comparison to other types of textures.

As well as causing dehydration, certain ingredients found in many brands of hairspray may irritate delicate scalps or contribute to scalp flaking due to their high levels of alcohol / ethanol content.

While these ingredients provide a strong hold while styling, they easily penetrate through cuticles, leaving your scalp feeling dry and with uncomfortable effects when left on for long periods of time.

Some ingredients have even been associated with contact dermatitis and eczema due to their harshness, so be sure to check labels before making any purchases.

How damaging hairspray will be, depends largely on how it is being used – for some people, who rarely style their hair or opt for milder formulas without alcohol, then there should be no risk whatsoever.

However, those who use stronger formulations frequently should take extra care both by avoiding excessive usage and seeking out products specifically formulated without the aforementioned irritating agents (i.e. look for words like “alcohol-free”).

Doing so will help ensure healthier looking locks that stay soft and manageable throughout all weather conditions.

Can Hairspray Cause Hair Loss?

​Can Hairspray Cause Hair Loss?

Too much use of hairspray can lead to hair loss, but not permanent hair loss. This is because hairspray contains chemicals that form a strong bond between the strands of your hair, making them unable to move freely and potentially break off.

When you spray large amounts of hairspray on your scalp for long periods of time, some products may be absorbed into the scalp, leading to a build-up of toxins which can affect healthy hair growth.

Hairsprays also contain alcohol, which can dry out the scalp and strip the strands of its natural oils, leaving them brittle and prone to breakage.

Using harsh brushes on dry or wet hairstyles that have been sprayed with hairspray can make matters worse, as they may damage your delicate strands and increase their vulnerability.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to keep your hairstyle in place without risking permanent hair loss, you should opt for natural solutions such as using essential oils like coconut oil or olive oil instead.

It’s important to note that even if you take all these precautions, regular use of hairspray may still cause thinning or balding over time since it will weaken your follicles over time by blocking out nutrients from reaching them.

Therefore it’s best to avoid heavy usage of any kind of chemical styling products whenever possible.

When you do use hairspray, however, make sure only small amounts are used and allowed ample time before brushing or combing out any excess product from your manes afterward so as not to exacerbate any potential damage caused by its elements on your scalp or follicles.

How To Protect Your Hair From Damage When Using Hairspray

To protect your hair from damage and keep it looking healthy, taking the proper steps when using hairspray is essential.

Start by using a heat protection spray before blasting your hair with a blow dryer or straightening iron. If a protective layer isn’t applied to your hair beforehand, the heat can cause immense damage to the strands and follicles.

Use an aerosol hairspray from a distance so that it doesn’t stick too heavily to one spot on the head – this can cause discoloration and breakage if not done carefully.

You should also avoid backcombing or styling with hairspray too often, as otherwise you risk dehydrating your scalp and making it prone to flaking. On top of that, make sure to use a deep conditioning treatment at least once every two weeks in order to give your strands some restorative love.

Helpful Tips For Healthy Scalp Maintenance

Healthy scalp maintenance is essential for keeping hair healthy, strong and beautiful. Taking time to assess the condition of your scalp, and make changes based on what you find, can help keep your hair looking its best. Here are some helpful tips for promoting a healthy scalp that will improve the quality of your hair:

1. Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse the scalp. Avoid harsh shampoos as they can strip away natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Look for a balanced pH formula designed specifically for scalp health that won’t leave behind any residue or irritate sensitive skin types.

2. Exfoliate regularly in order to remove any buildup on the surface of the scalp that could be clogging pores and preventing those vital nutrients from reaching the follicles.

Helpful Tips For Healthy Scalp Maintenance

You can use physical exfoliants like sugar scrubs or enzymatic exfoliants such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid which work to gently dissolve dirt, oil, product build up and dead cells on the surface layers of skin without irritating them.

3. Make sure to include plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, which helps keep inflammation at bay (which causes dandruff), as well as improving overall health from within.

4. Scalp massages have many benefits, including increasing circulation around each individual follicle, leading to better growth rates, reducing stress levels with calming touch therapy and delivering essential oils deeply into pores for nourishment.

5. Invest in an occasional deep-conditioning treatment using professional products designed especially for treating scalps prone to sensitivity – this will soothe itching sensations as well as restoring moisture balance.

6. Avoid blow drying too frequently if possible; instead, let your hair air dry naturally whenever possible, so it doesn’t get damaged from high temperatures from hot tools.

7. Try applying natural oils directly onto strands and/or onto roots once per week in order to promote softer texture while also feeding nutrient-rich ingredients into deeper layers of tissue. Also, use hair masks to improve your hair health.



Strong-hold hairspray is a great tool for keeping hairstyles looking their best, but it can also damage hair if not used with proper care. Too much hairspray and regular use of harsh formulas will strip strands of natural oils and leave your scalp dry, resulting in breakage and potential hair loss.

To protect against this, keep usage to a minimum, choose alcohol-free products, and nourish your locks with deep-conditioning treatments and natural oils.

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