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Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022 [Contents Reveal]

We’ve seen a handful of beauty brands and retailers launching their 2022 advent calendar waiting lists, but the Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022 is officially the first beauty advent calendar that’s actually go on sale for purchase. Keep on reading to get the full low-down on this luxury skincare advent calendar…

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Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022 [Contents Reveal]

Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022

This season, open the doors and reconnect with yourself with our range of innovative products. Unlock the doors of Decléor’s advent calendar and reveal our best-selling beauty products to experience the power of Essential Oils skincare.

Decleor 2022 advent calendar

The Decleor Advent Calendar 2022 is on sale for £125, and the calendar features a collection of 24 retail and deluxe size products to discover your complete beauty personalised skincare routine.

Just like every year, the Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022 features a white and yellow colour scheme. It’s a cardboard advent calendar, with twenty-four perforated doors, which you can peel back each day, to reveal your luxury Decleor skincare treat.

Decleor advent calendar 2022

Inside the Decleor 2022 Advent Calendar, there are the following products, so don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what’s hidden inside the advent calendar;

  • 1. Decléor Headband
  • 2. Decléor Rosemary White Daily Care Moisturising Fluid (50ml) worth £46
  • 3. Decléor Green Mandarin Sun-kissed Cream (15ml) worth £18
  • 4. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Facial Toner (50ml) worth £4.37
  • 5. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Serum (4ml) worth £13.86
  • 6. Decléor Green Mandarin Night Balm (2,5ml) worth £8.33
  • 7. Decléor Green Mandarin Aromessence Serum (4ml) worth £14.66
  • 8. Decléor Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Cream (2ml) worth £2.40
  • 9. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse (50ml) worth £15.67
  • 10. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Light Day Cream (2ml) worth £2.17
  • 11. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Bath & Shower Gel (50ml) worth £3.80
  • 12. Decléor White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Rosy Cream (15ml) worth £26.70
  • 13. Decléor White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Hand Cream (50ml) worth £18 (full size)
  • 14. Decléor Plum Eye Cream (15ml) worth £50 (full size)
  • 15. Decléor Green Mandarin Glow Scrub Mask (15ml) worth £10.20
  • 16. Decléor White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Aromessence (4ml) worth £19.20
  • 17. Decléor Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Night Balm (2,5ml) worth £7.66
  • 18. Decléor Antidote Hyaluronic Acid Advanced Concentrate (0.7ml) worth £1.14
  • 19. Decléor Lavender Fine Aromessence (15ml) worth £63 (full size)
  • 20. Decléor Lavender Fine Night Balm (15ml) worth £55 (full size)
  • 21. Decléor Eucalyptus Cica-Botanic Face Mask (50ml) worth £34 (full size)
  • 22. Decléor Sweet Orange Skin Perfecting Sleeping Mask (50ml) worth £40 (full size)
  • 23. Decléor Cornflower Hydrating Eye Gel (15ml) worth £35 (full size)
  • 24. Decléor Rosemary Officinails Black Clay Mask (15ml) worth £10.20

Providing all of the sizes Decleor have given are all correct, you’re getting incredible value for money, and such a great selection of Decelor products, from some of their bestselling ranges like their Green Mandarin collection, White Magnolia collection, and the Neroli Bigarade collection, and the Decleor Essential Oils Skincare Advent Calendar 2022 is available right now.

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