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Cute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

Right now, many of us are on a tight budget due to the global crisis. As it’s such an uncertain time, people have been spending less, especially with not being able to go to physical shops like we did pre-virus. If you have a friend or family member’s birthday coming up, or an anniversary etc, I wanted to share some cute budget friendly gift ideas that would make great gifts, without having to spend a fortune.

Cute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

When selecting a gift, it’s important you set yourself a budget as it’s very easy to overspend when purchasing for someone else. A tighter budget doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find lovely gifts, and if you didn’t want to have to buy a gift, you could always go for a DIY kind of gift.

There’s plenty of fabulous online gifts for her inspiration on Pinterest, and handmade gifts always feel that little bit more special than say a shop-bought gift.

Cute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

Cute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

Trinket Dish – there are so many pretty trinket dishes online. You can choose one that’s personalised with your gift recipient’s initial or name printed, or go for something else personalised like their zodiac sign too.

DIY Body Scrub – one of the easiest beauty DIYs have to be scrubs. You only need a very small amount of ingredients in order to make one, and you can customise the scrub to have a scent you know your loved one will enjoy. Most body scrub recipes include salt or sugar, an oil like coconut oil to bind the scrub together, and then whatever is your chosen scent.

Face & Body Masks Bundle – if your loved one enjoys a good pamper session, you could put together a selection of different masks for them to use. You can now find masks for the face, hands, feet and even body. Everybody loves using face masks, so you could just create a little bundle of different face masks or sheet masks, and tie them together with a pretty ribbon. I know that’s something I’d love to receive. 

Cute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

Lip Lover’s Bundle – another beauty themed gift, and this time it’s for the lips. If you know your gift recipient’s favourite lip colour to wear, you could choose a new lipstick and a matching lip liner shade to gift alongside a lip scrub. It’s a thoughtful gift as you’ve chosen a colour you know they already like, and there are so many great budget beauty brands like Revolution, Essence, MUA, Catrice and ColourPop to name just a few. 

Powerbank – now this one might sound a little random, but stick with me. Everyone uses a smartphone, and knows how awful their batteries tend to be. There’s nothing worse than having your battery run out whilst you’re out, which is where a powerbank comes in. It might sound a bit boring, but it’s an item they’re going to get so much use out of, so it’s super useful. You can get different sizes of powerbank on Amazon for example, to suit your budget, but many brands do cute designs and colours. I know I use my powerbank most days, so it’s a really great gift idea. 

Wax Melts – wax melts are such a great option for cute budget friendly gift ideas, as they’re so much more affordable than candles. There are tonnes of different brands that offer wax melts, and you can choose scents you know your gift recipient would enjoy, or choose something seasonal depending on what time of year it is. There are so many wax melt brands on eBay and Etsy, that you’ll be guaranteed to find something within your budget, and they’re usually nicely presented too, which is even better.

I really hope you found these cute budget friendly gift ideas useful, and it’s given you some gifting inspiration.


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