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ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

credit: ColourPop

Whenever ColourPop announce a new collection on Instagram, there’s always a lot of excitement however the announcement of the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection is on another level. They posted on their Instagram account about the new collection, and the post has already had a quarter of a million likes, and over 30,000 comments already which is one of the brand’s most popular posts to date.

The collection is set to launch on the 20th of February at 10am PST, and it’s guaranteed to sell out quickly as soon as it’s launched, so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on these products on the launch date. So which products are included within the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection? Keep on reading the full reveal..

***The ColourPop x Sailor Moon collaboration is having a FULL restock on the 18th of June right here***

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection

  • ColourPop x Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette $20 – twelve pan eyeshadow palette, with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades in a range of muted peaches, lilacs and neutrals. All the shades have Sailor Moon inspired names such as Justice, Tuxedo Rose, Luna and Moon Castle. Each of the pans is circled with holographic discs which looks so pretty, and the palette has the typical cardboard style packaging that ColourPop use for all of their twelve pan palettes.
  • ColourPop x Sailor Moon Moonlight Lip Bundle & ColourPop x Sailor Moon Daylight Lip Bundle $8 each or $15 bundle of two – Daylight Lip Bundle with USAGI – Ultra Blotted Lip and Moon Tiara – Ultra Glossy Lip.  Moonlight Lip Bundle with Bun Head – Ultra Blotted Lip and Sailor Moon – Ultra Glossy Lip. Each of the lip bundles look to contain one shimmer shade, and one creme shade in peach and pink.  The packaging on the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Lip Bundles is so cute, with the Sailor Moon logo stamped in gold foil all over the lids.
  • ColourPop x Sailor Moon Glitterally Obsessed x 2 $9 – there’s two Glitterally Obsessed shades, one that’s a lilac with holographic stars and moons called Moon Prism Powder, and another that’s a pastel pink with opalescent glitter pieces called Moonlight Legend.
  • ColourPop x Sailor Moon Pressed Powder Blushes x 2 $12From The Moon (matte soft magenta) and Cat’s Eye (shimmery soft watermelon). The blushes are packaged in hologram effect square cardboard compacts. Each of the compacts have mirrors in the lid, and the pans have a holographic ring around them just like the pans in the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Shadow Palette.
  • ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Whole Bundle $89

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

What is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, and was a 1992 Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation using Super Sentai motifs.

It is based on the manga of the same title written by Naoko Takeuchi that was published from 1991 to 1997 in Nakayoshi. Sailor Moon first aired in Japan on TV Asahi from March 7, 1992, to February 8, 1997, and was dubbed into various territories around the world, including the United States, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

ColourPop aren’t the first beauty brand to incorporate Sailor Moon into a themed collection. In fact the Sailor Moon series has been used to create a whole beauty line, with Creer Beauty. There are so many products within the range like sheet masks, refreshing sprays, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushers and lots more, and they’re all found on YesStyle.

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

The ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection is particularly exciting because ColourPop are known for affordable, high quality products. When a brand collaborates with a franchise as popular as Sailor Moon, usually the prices are elevated, but we know that ColourPop will maintain an affordable pricing across the whole collection. Also sometimes collabs can mean one product or two, but ColourPop have created a whole collection, which will please all Sailor Moon fans.

From looking at the comments on the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Instagram announcement post, people are really excited about this collection as the show was a big part of a lot of people’s childhoods.

I feel like ColourPop decided to do this collection after how popular their My Little Pony collection was, as those that used to love that show as a child, purchased the collection as a way to relive their youth, and the same will happen with the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection .

ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection Reveal

The packaging on all the products is amazing, with a pastel pink and lilac theme with holographic detailing both inside and outside the packaging. The attention to detail is fantastic, and it’s not a half-hearted collection where they’ve just stuck a picture of Sailor Moon on the front.

ColourPop have really put everything into the collection, with details like Luna the cat being engraved into the two powder blushes within the collection.

The ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection launched on the 21st of February at 10AM PST via the ColourPop website.

All images belong to ColourPop.

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