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ColourPop In The Limelight Collection Reveal!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a new ColourPop launch, and the ColourPop In The Limelight Collection has been revealed by @fun_fearless_beauty as being the newest ColourPop collection.

This exact time last year, we saw the launch of the ColourPop Limoncello collection, which was themed around lemons, and this collection is all about the limes. 


ColourPop In The Limelight Collection

Whenever ColourPop has a new launch, it divides people. I can’t even think of another beauty brand which divides opinion as much as ColourPop, but I guess that could be down to how many launches they have.

We can’t all love every launch, and for a collection themed around limes, I think the ColourPop In The Limelight Collection is very well thought out, and the shades are seriously pretty!

We don’t have an official launch date for the ColourPop In The Limelight Collection yet, but one would assume it will be Thursday, as ColourPop always launches their new stuff on Thursday.

Once an official date is given by ColourPop, I’ll be sure to update this post. Let’s take a look at what’s included within the collection…

Kicking off the ColourPop In The Limelight Collection, is the eyeshadow palette. It’s a nine pan palette, with a beautiful lime themed colour story with greens, neutrals and a pop of coral. 

Lots of people are saying this palette is the same as the Tinkerbell Palette, but it’s a lime palette. I’m not sure how else ColourPop could’ve gone with the palette.

If you already own the Tinkerbell Palette, you might not need this one, but this is a pure lime palette, which is kinda the point. We have a nice mix of shimmers to mattes, and the neon light typography on the palette is so chic.

Next up, are three new shades of the ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadows. The Jelly Much Shadows are a thick cream, and they do have the tendency to dry out.

However, they give a high shine, metallic finish, and tend to be more interesting than a standard cream eyeshadow. The three new shades are;

  • Memoir
  • Scandal
  • Heart Throb

Look how gorgeous these swatches are that @fun_fearless_beauty shared on Instagram. They look so multidimensional and sparkly, with all three shades featuring glitter. I totall want all three of these, as they’re stunning, and I love greens!

Lastly in the ColourPop In The Limelight Collection, are two shades of their Colour Stix Eyeshadow Sticks. They’re very lime inspired, both in terms of packaging and shade.

There’s one matte bright lime called Bussin, and there’s a beautiful almost foil-like bright lime called Bright Lights. They’re perfect for the rest of the collection, and the entire collection will be available right here.


All images belong to @fun_fearless_beauty.

Thank you so much @snoopycoupon for the ColourPop news!

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