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ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

ColourPop has launched one of their first spring collections for 2023, and it’s the ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection, which is set to launch later this week. It’s a collection dedicated to florals, and if you’d like to find out all about this ten-piece collection, keep on reading…

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ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection

IN FULL BLOOM 🌸🌹🌼 Introducing our NEW Heavy Petal collection full of all-new shades for the perfect spring glam! 💐💕 Jump into spring this Thursday (3/2) at 10am PT on

The ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection is set to launch on the 2nd of March, at 10am via the ColourPop website, and features ten items in total, with products for the skin, the lips, the cheeks and the eyes. Included within this floral collection, are the following products;

  • 🌷 Heavy Petal 12-pan Eyeshadow Palette
  • 🌷 Cheek Dew (4)
  • 🌷 Lux Lipstick (4)
  • 🌷 Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Softening Face Milk

ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

Kicking off the ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection, we have the ColourPop Heavy Petal Eyeshadow Palette $18. It’s a twelve-pan eyeshadow palette, within cardboard packaging. I love the hazy digital effect on the packaging for this collection. 

The packaging features a digital image of sunflowers, daisies, roses and gerberas, and the shades inside the palette are named after flowers, and spring. It’s a pretty neutral palette, with peaches, golds, browns and a pop of icy lilac. 

The shades within the palette are;

  • Full Sun
  • Pollen
  • Floral Feels
  • Hyacinth
  • Peony
  • Dazey
  • Garden Variety
  • So Sprung
  • Freshly Cut
  • Thrive
  • Feelin’ Grounded
  • Potting Mix

ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

Next in the collection is the ColourPop Heavy Petal Cheek Dew Serum Blushers $8. There are four shades to choose from, and the shades are all brand-new, and never seen before.

The Cheek Dew Blushers launched back in February 2021, and they’re a liquid blush formula. They are very dewy on the skin, but if you don’t like to feel your blusher on your skin, you won’t like this formula. 

Included within this foursome of new shades, are the following;

  • Flower Delivery – a copper bronze, which looks like it’d work as a blush/bronzer hybrid
  • Spring Flush – a bright coral,
  • Dream Garden – a light pink,
  • Petal Up – a deep berry pink.

All four shades have a shimmer finish to them.

ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

The ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection features four brand new shades of the ColourPop Lux Lipsticks $10, and just like the other Lux Lipsticks, these four shades have the same star pattern on the bullets.

The four shades on offer for the Heavy Petal collection are;

  • Fleur You – a pinky peach nude
  • Pink Bouquet – a mid-tone mauve
  • Bloom Time – a warm toned peachy brown
  • Tulip Season – a deep berry pink

ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection Reveal!

Finally, we have the Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Face Milk $14. Fourth Ray Beauty is the ColourPop skincare brand, and this is a moisturizing and hydrating face milk, with a subtle rose scent. If you enjoy rose scented skincare, you’d really like this new addition to the Fourth Ray Beauty Face Milks.

So, that’s the brand new ColourPop Heavy Petal Collection. It’s such a cute spring-like collection, with funky packaging, and pretty shades for the products themselves. If you’d like to get your hands on any of these products, they launch on the 2nd of March, and will be available right here.

BUY HERE: ColourPop / ULTA

All images belong to ColourPop.