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CEW Summer Beauty Edit Reveal! AVAILABLE NOW!

I’ve got another exciting exclusive for you, and it’s the CEW Summer Beauty Edit Reveal which is launching this Thursday (20th May), and just like all of the CEW beauty boxes, this one is another amazing box, and one I am 100% going to purchase myself. If you’d like to find out more, keep on reading….

CEW Summer Beauty Edit Reveal! AVAILABLE NOW!

CEW Summer Beauty Edit

The CEW Summer Beauty Edit is going to be £175 including delivery, which I know is very pricey, but this beauty box contains 15 retail-sized bestselling beauty products, and with everything from luxurious skincare and haircare to summer make-up must-haves, the CEW Summer Beauty Edit is the ultimate treat for beauty lovers.

Plus, CEW are doing good with this box too;

May is an important month for The Eve Appeal as it is “Get Lippy” month, where the charity encourages people to talk about their gynae health and address any worries or symptoms they have. As before CEW will be donating a minimum of £2,000 to The Eve Appeal, and the donations will focus on helping to support the invaluable nurse-led service Ask Eve; a specialist service providing information and guidance to all who are concerned about the signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with gynae cancers.

Inside the box, there are the following products;

So that’s the line-up, and what a line-up it is – with £692 of value for £175! So many amazing products, and mostly skincare for the ultimate pamper session.

The CEW Summer Beauty Edit will sell out quickly, as the CEW beauty boxes always do, so make sure you snap it up on Thursday the 20th May.

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