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Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set

Catrice launched their limited edition Minnie and Daisy collection back in March, including the Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set.

The whole collection was originally an online collection which was a nightmare to try to get hold of but it’s now appeared at several retailers in mainland Europe.

This is not the first time Catrice and collaborated with Disney, and their past collections have always been amazingly successful so it’s easy to see why they’ve collaborated once more.

Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set

Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set

The Catrice x Disney Minnie and Daisy Collection is all about friendship, and the friendship that Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck are said to have in the world of Disney.

It’s not the biggest of collection, as there’s only a small amount of products, but everything look really pretty and it’s a limited edition collection like their previous Disney collaborations. Whenever you stick ‘limited edition’ on a collection, it instantly becomes a more covetable collection. 

The Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set is the cutest little brush set, in a metallic rose gold box with little bows all over the box. The box is really cute, and I love that Catrice have thought about the little details with the presentation of this brush set.

All three brushes have synthetic bristles, with black shiny plastic handles with rose gold foil bows all over them and matching rose gold ferrules to complement the rose gold bows.

The three brushes have been designed to apply, blend and smudge your eyeshadows. This is one of my favourites within the collection, and it’s a must-have for any Disney fan.

Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set

The Catrice Minnie & Daisy Eye Brush Set is €9.99 and available from Douglas. The three brushes included within the set are;

  • Eyeshadow Brush : applies the nuances of the eyeshadow evenly to the movable eyelid and also skilfully sets accents on the lower lash line. 
  • Eye Blender Brush : in no time the indispensable tool ensures smooth transitions and even shading. 
  • Precise Eye Blender Brush : blends the eye shadow and skilfully blurs hard transitions and contours – for magical smoky eye looks.


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