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Chantecaille Lotus Collection

Chantecaille only recently launched their Black Jaguar and Cougar collection, and now we’ve had a preview of their upcoming Chantecaille Lotus Collection, launching in November. This luxurious collection looks like it might be the Chantecaille 2022 holiday collection, so keep on reading to find out more… BUY HERE: Chantecaille / Lookfantastic US / Lookfantastic UK …

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Chantecaille Black Jaguar Collection + Cougar Collection

There are two new animal inspired collections from Chantecaille, and they are the Chantecaille Black Jaguar Collection and the Chantecaille Cougar Collection. Chantecaille creates collections themed around animal species, and this latest collection focuses on Black Jaguars and Cougars, and each of the two collections have an eyeshadow palette and a lipstick shade each. BUY …

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