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Can You Use Aquaphor On Eyelashes?

As a beauty enthusiast, you may be wondering whether Aquaphor can be used on eyelashes. Aquaphor is an incredibly versatile product, and it seems like everyone has found a use for it! 

With its many touted benefits, from softening skin to healing cuts and scrapes, it’s easy to understand why people would want to know if Aquaphor works on the delicate area around your eyes. In this article, I’ll share, can you use Aquaphor on eyelashes?

Can You Use Aquaphor On Eyelashes?

What Is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a healing ointment for the skin made by Eucerin, a brand of Beiersdorf Inc. It is used to help heal chapped, dry, and cracked skin and lips.

It works by providing an occlusive layer on the surface of skin that helps retain moisture to soothe and hydrate. Aquaphor also has glycerol lanolin ingredients that help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

The ointment can be applied before or after bathing or showering, as it quickly absorbs into the outermost layers of the epidermis to help protect against further irritations and damage from water exposure.

 It has been clinically proven to provide relief from discomfort due to chapping, dryness, stinging, minor burns and wounds – all while helping speed up healing time with its combination of ingredients.

 Aquaphor protects without clogging pores or leaving any greasy residue behind on your skin, in fact, it feels quite soothing when applied.

As well as being an effective treatment for those suffering from extremely dry hands or feet during cold winter months, Aquaphor is also great for helping prevent diaper rash in infants, as it forms a protective barrier on their delicate bottoms.

What Are The Different Ways To Use Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a highly versatile skincare product that can be used in various ways. To moisturize the skin, it can be applied directly to the face, hands and body with your fingertips, or you can use a cotton swab to apply it more precisely and blend it into other products if desired. 

It’s great for treating dry and cracked skin, eczema patches, rough patches and chapped lips as well. You can even use Aquaphor for tattoo healing, scar healing, chafing, windburn, sunburn, acne, and even conventional burn healing too.

You can also add Aquaphor to your regular eye cream and apply it around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Additionally, Aquaphor is perfect for using on false eyelashes before application; this prevents the lashes from sticking together and ensures smooth coverage.

For extra hydration benefits, you may try mixing Aquaphor with other skincare products such as facial serums or masks before applying them to get an even deeper moisturizing effect. The possibilities are endless when using Aquaphor – its versatility allows for creative ways of using this versatile product.

Will Aquaphor Work As A Moisturizer For Lashes After Wearing Mascara?

Can You Use Aquaphor On Eyelashes?

Aquaphor is a popular skin care product that can be used on various parts of the body, including eyelashes.

However, it is important to be mindful and careful when applying Aquaphor to your eyelashes, as too much can cause irritation.

When using this product near the sensitive area around your eyes, you should keep in mind that less is more. Start by applying a thin layer of Aquaphor to your lashes with a clean finger or cotton swab and wait for the product to absorb before adding more.

Aquaphor contains ingredients like glycerin, which helps keep moisture in the skin and hair follicles and allows them to remain hydrated longer.

This moisture helps eyelashes grow longer, thicken naturally, and stay healthy. It also keeps the delicate skin around your eyes from becoming irritated or dry due to lacking natural oils or overusing harsh cleansers. 

If you happen to wear contact lenses regularly, then it would be best not to use Aquaphor on your eyelashes, whilst wearing contacts, as the Aquaphor could irritate this delicate membrane and make wearing lenses uncomfortable. 

Therefore it would be wise to take these precautions before applying any type of eye care products like Aquaphor directly onto your lashes while wearing contacts lenses.

All in all, if used correctly with care: a thin layer of Aquaphor on eyelashes can help promote lash growth, add thickness naturally and keep skin hydrated without causing irritation or discomfort around the eyes – making it an ideal product for those looking for healthier-looking lashes without having to splurge on expensive lash serums.

Will Aquaphor Work As A Moisturizer For Lashes After Wearing Mascara?

Yes, Aquaphor can certainly work as a moisturizer for lashes after wearing mascara. It is an effective way to soften, nourish and condition the lashes while also providing a barrier of protection against damage caused by cosmetics, dirt, and environmental pollutants. 

The healing ointment contains many beneficial ingredients such as petroleum jelly and mineral oils to help lock in moisture for softer, smoother looking lashes. 

Aquaphor helps replenish natural lipids that are often stripped away by mascara use. When applied nightly on clean eyelashes before bedtime, the product helps protect against dryness from mascaras that contain harsh chemicals like alcohols or fragrances. 

The creamy formula creates a seal over your eyelashes to protect them from any additional loss of moisture during sleep time, when you may be more likely to rub your eyes due to allergies or other external factors.

Can You Use Aquaphor Instead Of Mascara?

Aquaphor is a great product to have in your beauty arsenal, but it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for mascara, although it is safe to use on a mascara brush. 

Aquaphor is an ointment product, meaning it can help lock in moisture and provide healing benefits to the skin and lips if applied correctly. Its main use is not as eye makeup—it won’t curl your lashes, won’t add length to your lashes or give you separation like mascara does.

Using Aquaphor instead of mascara will just leave you with glossy-looking eyelashes that don’t get the same definition and lift from added volume or separated individual hairs.

If you’re looking for a softer, more subtle eye makeup look, go for a volumizing waterproof mascara that helps define each lash individually —not Aquaphor.

Is Vaseline The Same As Aquaphor?

No, Vaseline and Aquaphor are not the same. While both are moisturizing products, they contain different ingredients.

Vaseline is made with only one ingredient, petroleum jelly; whereas Aquaphor contains many more ingredients, including mineral oil, petrolatum, ceresin wax and lanolin alcohol.

Although Vaseline can help to lock in moisture effectively on certain areas of skin such as around the eye area and lips, it is not recommended for use on other sensitive areas where a gentle product such as Aquaphor would be better suited.

It’s important to note that while Aquaphor has some of the same base ingredients as Vaseline (petrolatum and mineral oil), it also contains healing agents such as glycerine and panthenol which can help soothe chapped or cracked skin.

This makes it a great choice for treating minor cuts, scrapes or burns because its balm-like formula helps protect the area from infection once applied. 

Is Vaseline Or Aquaphor Better For Your Lashes?

Is Vaseline Or Aquaphor Better For Your Lashes?

When it comes to choosing between Aquaphor and Vaseline for your lashes, the answer is not so clear-cut. Aquaphor is a petroleum-based product made by Eucerin that can be used as both a moisturizer and an ointment. 

It has healing properties, so it’s ideal for use on dry and damaged skin, such as around the eyes. Vaseline is also petroleum-based, but it does not contain any healing ingredients. 

When used on the lashes, Vaseline may help lock in moisture and create a protective barrier from environmental irritants like dust and pollen, but it doesn’t have the same healing properties as Aquaphor does. Because of this difference between these two products, what works best for you will depend on your individual needs. 

Before you decide which one to use on your lashes, make sure to do a patch test first to ensure there are no allergic reactions or other adverse effects when using either product near or around your eye area. 

If all goes well during the patch test period, then you can go ahead and start using one or the other regularly on your lash line.

To apply either product correctly, using a spoolie brush with either Aquaphor or Vaseline works best to get even coverage without clumping up at an angle near your eyes. 

Neither Aquaphor nor Vaseline are considered bad choices when it comes to caring for eyelashes; however, each has their own unique benefits that should be taken into consideration before making a purchase decision, since both products can be found easily over-the-counter at most drug stores nowadays

Will Aquaphor Healing Ointment Make Your Eyelashes Longer Lashes?

No, Aquaphor Healing Ointment will not make your eyelashes longer. It is an ointment that is primarily used to help heal dry and cracked skin, such as around the lips or hands.

While it can help moisturize delicate skin around the eyes, which can in turn strengthen eyelashes and prevent them from breaking, it has no effect on making them noticeably longer.

The only way to truly grow longer lashes is through using a specialized product like castor oil or lash moisturizers or conditioners like Latisse, which contains fatty acids that nourish follicles and promote hair growth. Plus, they’ll help protect against breakage of your lashes.

However, if you’re dealing with dry or irritated skin around your lash line, Aquaphor Healing Ointment can help soothe and restore comfort.


The answer to whether Aquaphor can be used on eyelashes and eyebrows is yes, but with caution and care.

As a healing ointment, it will help lock in moisture and create a protective barrier from environmental irritants like dust and pollen, but keep in mind that because it does not contain any healing ingredients, it should not be used as a substitute for mascara.

When applied correctly with a spoolie brush and starting with small amounts, this product can work wonders in terms of nourishment and conditioning.

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