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Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

Many of us like to keep our skin smooth and free of stubble, but when it comes to spray tanning, knowing when to shave can be a bit tricky – can you shave after a spray tan? In this blog post, we’ll dive into what you need to know about shaving after a spray tan, so you can have gorgeous, glowing skin all year long.

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Spray Tan?

Having a spray tan is an increasingly popular way to get the sun-kissed glow without having to worry about the risks associated with exposing your skin to sunlight.

Spray tanning provides all of the benefits of looking like you’ve been at the beach, but without having to worry about any of the dangers associated with too much unprotected exposure.

The biggest benefit of having a spray tan is that it gives you a healthy, bronzed appearance in just minutes. In contrast to traditional sunbathing and tanning beds.

Which take time for results to appear, modern spray tan solutions such as Norvell provide immediate visible results without any risk of sun damage or premature aging due to extended UV exposure.

This means that if you want a glowing look quickly and easily, then a spray tan could be the right choice for you.

Another benefit of having a spray tan is that it can even out skin imperfections while giving your complexion an overall healthy boost.

The active ingredients found in most spray tans are designed to create dramatic color changes while evening out minor blemishes on your skin such as freckles and age spots; this gives you an airbrushed effect, so you can feel flawless and confident in your own skin every day.

Finally, getting a spray tan is one of the safest ways to get beautiful color thanks to its natural-looking results and instant gratification factor.

Plus, there’s no need for messy cleanup or worry about streaks or unevenness – just perfect bronzed radiance with each application. 

Can You Shave After A Spray Tan?

When it comes to spray tans and shaving, many people assume that the two activities should not be mixed. Shaving after a spray tan can potentially cause damage to your newly bronzed skin if it is done too soon.

It’s important to understand the timeline you should wait before shaving after a spray tan in order to keep your spray tan looking its best for as long as possible.

First, if you are going to shave after a spray tan, it’s important to wait at least 8 hours for the solution applied during the tanning process to fully dry and set, but ideally, at least 24 hours.

This is because even when you think your skin has dried completely, some of the active ingredients from the solution may still exist, thus making it vulnerable once razors come into play.

Waiting this amount of time gives those ingredients enough time to evaporate, ensuring no harm will come from shaving on top of them later on.

It’s also important that when you do go ahead with shaving, wait until immediately before showering so that any residue left behind from shaving can be washed away right away instead of being left on your skin and having an effect on how long-lasting your gorgeous new bronzed glow will stay intact.

Make sure when shaving not only use clean razor blades but also use gentle movements over where ever you plan on removing hair as any pressure or harshness could result in smudging or removal of color particles, as well as bringing about breakouts due to exfoliation if done with little consideration towards newly sprayed areas.

Does Shaving After A Spray Tan Remove Your Tan?

The answer is no. Shaving does not remove your spray tan. While shaving can cause some fading, most of the tan will remain intact. This is due to the fact that water and soap do not remove a spray tan because the product has set in at a deeper level of the skin than shaving touches.

Therefore, if you wish to maintain a consistent and even-looking spray tan, it’s best to avoid shaving until it is time for your next appointment or treatment.

Should You Shave Before Your Spray Tan, Or Is It Best Shaving After Your Spray Tan?

Should You Shave Before Your Spray Tan, Or Is It Best Shaving After Your Spray Tan?

When deciding whether to shave before or after your spray tan, there are pros and cons to consider. Shaving prior to the session can give you a smoother application and helps your skin absorb the tan more evenly.

It also gives the technician more control over how the solution is applied since they don’t have to work around hair. However, shaving immediately before a spray tan can increase your chances of experiencing irritation or redness since an open wound is exposed directly to the product.

On the other hand, shaving after a spray tan gives you time for it to set in first so that it doesn’t get rubbed off while shaving. This will ensure longer lasting results and minimize streaking each time you go back to shave.

Plus, following a session with shaving cream prevents razor burn and leaves you with softer skin overall as compared to using plain soap or water which can strip away moisture from your skin’s top layer leading to dry patches or blemishes.

At the end of the day, both pre- and post-shave tans have their benefits, depending on what works best for you personally. If irritation is something that worries you, then it might be best for you to wait until after.

However if having an even coverage without any missed spots is important then going in fresh from a shave may be better for that particular area of concern.

What Is The Recommended Timeframe for Shaving After a Spray Tan?

It is recommended that you wait at least 24–48 hours after having a spray tan before shaving. During this time, the tan solution will begin to absorb into your skin and deepen in color.

Nicking yourself while shaving right after a spray tan could cause the solution to run and streak, resulting in an uneven look. Therefore, waiting a full day or two will give the best results for your post-tan look.

When you do shave, take special care to use sharp blades on all razors and avoid going over areas multiple times, as this may lead to redness that is noticeable beneath your fake tan.

Also make sure to follow up with moisturizer afterward as some razor blades can be quite harsh on sensitive skin.

It’s also important not to exfoliate immediately following a spray tan or shave session, which can cause the product to come off prematurely or cause it to fade faster than normal, so waiting several days is really your best bet here.

Make sure you avoid using products with high concentrations of alcohol right after getting your spray tan as this too can strip away some of the pigment in the product which would completely ruin your beautiful false tan.

What Are The Potential Issues with Shaving Too Soon After a Spray Tan?

Shaving too soon after a spray tan can have some unwanted consequences. If the skin has not had enough time to heal, it can lead to irritation. It is also possible that excess product will be taken off with the razor and cause fading of the color faster than expected.

The most significant issue with shaving too early after a spray tan is that it increases the risk of ingrown hairs, as unhealed skin blocks hair follicles from growing properly.

This can result in tiny little bumps appearing on areas where you just started shaving and make healing more difficult and uncomfortable. 

Recommended Equipment and Shaving Products Needed For Shaving After a Spray Tan

When it comes to getting a spray tan, there are certain measures that must be taken in order to maintain the best results and make sure your skin looks great, and you don’t damage your tan so spray tan care is important.

Depending on how long the tan will last, you may want to consider investing in some quality shaving products and equipment. This is especially true if you plan on doing any facial or body shaving after having a spray tan applied, so you don’t strip your tan.

The most important piece of equipment recommended for shaving after a spray tan is a high-quality razor. Unlike disposable razors, these razors provide a smoother shave while also ensuring that your skin stays healthy and moisturized.

You’ll also want to invest and use shaving cream or shaving foams, which will help soften the hair follicles before the blade passes over them; this reduces irritation and allows for an even cleaner shave overall, when you shave and exfoliate the skin.

Those who have had their legs sprayed should look into picking up pre-shave oil for their legs; this helps reduce friction throughout the entire process.

Along with the above items, you’ll also need some post-shave care products like aftershave lotion or balm to keep your skin from drying out. If you’re feeling extra dry or need additional protection against razor burn/ingrown hairs, then an aloe vera gel can work wonders as well.

Just make sure not to apply too much of it around areas where there was recently sprayed tanner so that you don’t lighten those spots too much with application.

What Areas of the Body Should Be Avoided When Shaving Post Spray Tan?

When shaving with a spray tan, it is important to be mindful of which parts of the body should be avoided. Areas that should not be shaved when sporting a spray tan are delicate areas like the face, neck and chest.

Shaving these areas can remove the tan from your skin prematurely and cause an uneven application. In addition, avoid exfoliating any part of your body once you’ve been sprayed, as this too can lead to blotchy and patchy results.

To get the best out of your spray tanning session and ensure even coverage, make sure that you only shave on areas such as legs, arms and abdomen in order to retain the color for longer.

How to Maintain Your Spray Tan While Shaving

How to Maintain Your Spray Tan While Shaving

Spray tanning is a great sunless tanning way to get bronzed for a day or two without having to expose yourself to the sun’s damaging UV rays.

However, it does come with its own set of challenges when it comes time to shave, after your spray tan appointment, as the razor can remove the spray tan, when shaving after spray tan, this can leave you looking pale and streaky.

To ensure your spray tan stays intact while shaving, here are some shaving tips for when you need to shave or wax after spray tan application:

Exfoliate first. Before you start shaving, exfoliate with a scrub or a loofah sponge in order to remove dead skin cells that might have accumulated and clogged your pores, since your last application of sunless tanner from your spray tan artist.

Using a dry brush, also exfoliate can help reduce irritation during the shaving process and will ensure an even shave, when I shave my legs.

Prepare your skin. Wash your skin with warm water before you start shaving your legs after a spray tan, in order to soften it up for a closer shave. Make sure not to use overly hot water as this may cause your skin to dry out and result in more ingrown hairs post-shave.

Also be sure not to use any soaps or body washes that contain harsh chemicals which could strip off your spray tan prematurely. Use traditional shaving cream or mousse to help lubricate your razor.

Shave carefully. Use long strokes when shaving so that you don’t inadvertently rub away any of the spray tan while removing unwanted body hair.

Take extra care around areas where there are creases such as behind the knees because these can be more vulnerable spots for accidental removal of product due removals from friction between them when moving around during washing/shaving.

Use a new razor. Make sure you also use sharp new razors so there isn’t too much tugging on hairs which could irritate the skin during this process making it feel raw afterwards resulting in another potential source of post-shave redness and blotchy patches often associated with problems like razor burns from using blunt razors or old razors.

Moisturize after shaving. After showering and completing all of your other skincare routines, apply moisturizer or shaving lotion liberally over any areas you’ve shaved.

Using lotion on shaved skin, should keep them hydrated and help maintain their healthy glow even after several days without re-applying self-tanner. 



Shaving after an airbrush spray tan is not recommended, as you don’t want to risk potential issues with your tan, such as fading or unevenness. However, shaving before a spray tan can be beneficial because it ensures an even application and prevents any irritation from occurring.

Regardless of when you shave, waiting at least 24–48 hours after the session for the product to fully set into your skin is ideal, as well as using sharp razors, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and moisturizer post-shave. Following these tips should help you achieve long lasting results while avoiding any damage to your newly bronzed glow.

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