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Can You Put Fake Nails Under UV Lamp?

If you’re a fan of nail art and like to mix things up with your look, you may be wondering: can you put fake nails under UV lamp? With the rise of gel manicures, people are becoming increasingly curious about the ways in which artificial materials interact with these strong lights. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about UV lamps and how they affect fake nails so that you can make informed decisions about your next manicure.

Can You Put Fake Nails Under UV Lamp?

What Is The Purpose Of A UV Light Lamp When Doing Your Nails?

The purpose of a UV light lamp when doing your nails is to cure the gel polish or acrylics you applied on your nails.

Using this type of light helps to harden and set the nail so that it does not chip off or become scratched. This ultimately gives your manicure a longer-lasting, professional finish.

When using a UV light lamp, you should always wear protective eyewear and make sure not to over-expose your skin, as it may cause damage such as burning or premature aging.

The typical curing time with a UV light can range from two to three minutes, depending on the specific product being used. To ensure that all areas of your nails are properly cured, move the light over each fingertip in an up and down motion until they are completely dry.

It is important to note that some types of gel polishes require multiple coats for them to completely harden under the UV lamp; be sure to read manufacturer instructions carefully before attempting any new products.

If at any point during your manicure process things go wrong, the use of acetone remover can help break down any uncured material without damaging cured materials underneath it.

Using a high-quality brand name product along with regular maintenance will give you long lasting results and beautiful nails for weeks.

How Does A UV Lamp Cure Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polish is a popular trend in today’s beauty and cosmetics industry. Gel polish is known for its long-lasting durability and glossy finish, which can last up to two weeks with proper care.

However, one of the biggest challenges associated with gel nail polish is curing it correctly. To ensure a perfect cure and an evenly smooth finish, many nail technicians rely on UV lamps to quickly set the polish in place.

UV lamps emit ultraviolet (UV) light that penetrates the layers of gel nail polish to activate its chemical properties.

The UV rays cause the molecules in the lacquer to react with each other and harden into a strong bond within minutes.

The amount of time needed to properly cure your nails depends on the type and thickness of your coat, but typically ranges between 10–30 seconds per layer or coat.

It is important to note that using higher wattage lamps can speed up the process significantly, but may potentially cause damage if left unchecked or used improperly. 

Using a UV lamp also helps reduce smudging or smearing commonly associated with other curing options such as LED lamps or air drying alone.

When combined with careful application techniques, this convenient tool works wonders, helping you achieve longer lasting manicures at home or professional salon settings respectively. 

By shining bright ultraviolet light on freshly painted nails, you are essentially accelerating their drying time, thus ensuring maximum longevity from your manicure/pedicure job.

Can You Use UV Gel Nail Polish Over The Top Of Fake Nails?

Using UV gel nail polish over fake nails is a great way to get salon-quality nails at home. Fake nails are usually pre-glued and applied on top of your natural nails, covering any chips or imperfections in the nail surface. 

Before applying the UV gel polish, you should trim and shape the fake nails using a nail file, as well as push back your cuticles with an orange stick or cuticle remover so that the nail bed is exposed and ready for polish.

After all this prep work is complete, you can start painting on your choice of colors – it’s best to use thin coats of the UV gel polish to ensure even coverage and effective curing under a UV lamp.

The benefit of using a UV lamp to cure UV gel polishes over other types of polishes is that they last much longer – up to three weeks without chipping or peeling off.

This makes them perfect for those who want long-lasting nails without having to constantly re-apply their regular nail polishes at home.

Because no harsh glue was used when applying these fake nails, there will be less damage done to both your natural nails and your fake nails after they have been removed.

Can You Use UV Gel Nail Polish Over The Top Of Fake Nails?

Can You Put Fake Nails Under UV Lamp?

Press-on nails are an easy way to get the desired type of nail you’re looking for without having to go to the nail salon.

An extremely popular TikTok viral beauty hack, which went viral within the beauty community with over a million views, is using press-on nails and a UV lamp.

But can you put fake nails under a UV lamp? The answer is yes – but there are some things you should know before attempting this. 

Before applying your press-ons, make sure they fit snugly on your natural nail and use nail glue or double sided tape to secure them in place.

Once they’re securely attached, it’s time to cure them with a UV lamp. Put each finger one at a time into the lamp and keep them there for about two minutes (as recommended).

It’s important not to overexpose your nails as this could cause damage. Make sure the UV lamp gets both sides of your press-on too – front and back.

Once all of your fingers have gone through the UV light, your press-ons will be good to go. They should last up to a few weeks depending on how well you take care of them.

However, if properly cared for, press-ons can last around 4 weeks with no problems at all. Avoid activities that involve excessive water exposure, such as washing dishes, so that your press-ons don’t start falling off early due to an accumulation of water damage.

Lastly, be sure to remove any residual nail glue from under the tips with cuticle remover before and after curing each nail with a UV lamp, as this will help maintain maximum longevity on your beautiful manicure / pedicure. So, you can gel cure your press-on nails by using a UV lamp – just remember these tips before doing so.

Will A UV Lamp Damage Press-On Nails?

UV lamps are commonly used to dry gel-based press-on nails. However, there is speculation whether exposing the nails to UV light will damage them.

Generally, it is safe to use a UV lamp on press-on nails, as long as they are not exposed for more than 60 seconds at a time.

If applied properly and kept within the time limit, this method can help keep the nails looking good while being easy to apply and remove.

While some people may experience no adverse effects from using a UV lamp with their press-on nails, others could find that their nails become overly brittle or yellow after using this method.

To avoid any potential issues, it’s best to apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the surface of each nail before applying the gel so that any direct exposure does not cause discoloration or damage.

A quality base coat should also be applied between coats of colored polish, and at least three layers of topcoat should be added after curing in a UV Lamp for up to 60 seconds to prevent chipping and fading.

Can You UV Gel Cure Press-On Nails?


There are multiple ways to get salon-quality nails at home, and fake nails with a UV lamp is just one of them, when you apply a gel over the top. If you’re wondering: can you put your drugstore fake nails under a UV lamp? 

The answer is yes – however, it’s important to note that UV lamps should only be used for on the press-on nails for no more than 60 seconds each time.

As long as this time limit is kept in mind and your chosen products are high quality, there should be no issues with using a UV light to cure your gel nail polish or acrylics on top of fake nails.

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