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Can You Get a Facial With Eyelash Extensions?

When you pay for eyelash extensions, you want to do all you can to keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

There are beauty treatments you should avoid when having lash extensions, but can you get a facial with eyelash extensions? Keep on reading to find out the answer…

Can You Get a Facial With Eyelash Extensions

What Is A Facial?

A facial is a skin-care treatment performed in a salon that helps rejuvenate the face and neck by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin.

It includes steps like using steam to open the pores for better cleansing and more intense exfoliation; performing extractions (manual removal of blackheads); applying masks to nourish the skin; massage to boost circulation; and finally, applying a moisturizer.

Facials are designed to help keep your face looking refreshed, reduce wrinkles, hydrate dry skin, get rid of acne or other blemishes, and generally make you look younger.

The first step of getting facials involves cleaning the face with a gentle cleanser. The second step is deep pore cleansing with either steam or hydrotherapy where warm water is applied directly onto the face in spray form which opens up clogged pores allowing dirt buildup to be removed.

After this is done, the expert may use an exfoliating face scrub, to remove dead cells from the outer layer of the epidermis, allowing new cellular growth beneath it without irritation.

Extractions are sometimes used after this step if necessary to create clear pathways for oils on your skin surface, so they don’t get blocked again soon after treatment.

The next stage includes an application of a mask appropriate for your skin type, such as clay for oily skin or hydrating masks containing glycerin for dry/dehydrated complexion types, which will help achieve desired results.

Whether it’s hydration balance or oil control by supplying much needed moisture that can lock into deeper layers while it works its magic on the top layer too.

Making sure everything looks plump and healthy, when the time comes to take away mask residue with damp cloths, followed by toning the face, so it prepares itself to absorb any remaining ingredients left behind from previous products used during the facial session.

Finally before leaving the salon, moisturizers might also be added depending on individual needs as some people might not require much moisture due to their oily prone status while others just need a bit extra, especially those who suffer from very dull and dehydrated type skins.

Does A Facial Include Your Eyes?

A facial typically includes everything from your forehead to your neck, including the eye area. It starts with a deep cleansing of the face and neck using a cleansing milk, lotion or toner.

This is followed by exfoliating the skin and then a steam to open up the pores. Extractions, either manual or mechanically done, are then done to remove any excess dirt and oils.

The esthetician will then move on to massaging the face and eye area, with creams or lotions specifically designed for this sensitive area of your skin. A mask may be applied as well to nourish and hydrate this delicate region that easily shows signs of aging faster than other areas of your face.

Depending on what you’re looking for regarding results, such as reducing puffiness under the eyes, special products can be used during treatment too.

Finally, a sunscreen will be applied to help protect you from harmful UV rays that prematurely age skin faster around these areas as exposure can weaken elastin fibers over time, leading to wrinkles appearing sooner than expected.

Can You Get a Facial With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can get a facial with lash extensions – just make sure the esthetician knows the client has lash extensions applied. Lash glue is used during the application of eyelash extensions and, when properly applied and cared for, will not have any effect on your skin during or after the facial.

Some salons may even offer to apply lashes for you before the facial treatment so that the technician can focus completely on cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin without worrying about lash glue getting in the way.

When getting your lashes done before a facial, make sure to tell your beautician, so they can use products that are safe to be used around the eye area, and avoid getting your lash extensions wet, to loosen the glue and ruin your lashes.

During a typical facial treatment, chemical peels and acids may be used as part of an exfoliating process; however, these should never come into contact with eyelash extensions or lash glue as this could cause irritation or discomfort.

Therefore it is best to have your lash extensions done before a facial or if having them done afterward, then at least ensure that the technician keeps away from your eyes when applying products such as cleansers, masks or moisturizers throughout the session. Be gentle with the hot towels around the eyes, when using facial products too.

Can I Get a Facial Before Eyelash Extensions?

Can I Get a Facial Treatment Before Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is yes, you can definitely get a facial before eyelash extensions.

In fact, getting a facial beforehand can actually be beneficial, as it can help to cleanse and prep the skin for the lash application process.

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting a facial before your lash appointment.

Be sure to schedule your facial at least 24 hours in advance, as you don’t want any lingering product or oil residue on your skin when the lash adhesive is applied.

Second, avoid any facials that include exfoliation or steam, as these can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes.

And finally, make sure to let your aesthetician know that you’re planning on getting lash extensions, so they can tailor the facial to your needs.

Can You Get a Facial with Fake Eyelashes?

The answer is yes – you can definitely get a facial with fake eyelashes! There are a few things to keep in mind, however.

Always be sure to tell your esthetician that you are wearing false lashes.

This will help them to be more gentle around your eyes. Secondly, avoid getting any water or oily product on your lashes from the facial treatment, as this could cause them to come off.

Finally, be prepared to remove your false lashes before the facial is complete.

How To Protect Your Lash Extensions When Having A Facial?

If you’ve ever gotten a facial, you know that the process can sometimes be a little … intense. (That’s why they call it a “facial,” after all.)

But if you’re someone who loves their lash extensions, you might be wondering: how do I protect my lash extensions when having a facial?

The good news is, it’s actually not that difficult. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Firstly, make sure to tell your aesthetician that you have lash extensions. This will help them to avoid using any products or treatments that could damage your lashes.

They’ll also likely be able to adjust their technique slightly to make sure your lash extensions are protected throughout the facial.

Next, try to avoid getting any product on your lashes during the facial. This means keeping your eyes closed as much as possible and being careful not to accidentally rub your eyes.

If you do happen to get product on your lashes, gently remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Finally, don’t forget to cleanse your lashes thoroughly after your facial. This will help to remove any product that may have been left behind and will also help to keep your lash extensions looking their best.

Simply use a gentle cleanser and a soft brush or cloth to lightly scrub your lashes clean.

Can The Steam From A Facial Make Your Eyelash Extensions Fall Out?

One question that many people have is whether the steam from a facial can cause their eyelash extensions to fall out.

The short answer is no, the steam from a facial will not cause your eyelash extensions to fall out.

This is because the steam will not actually come into contact with your lashes – it will only affect the area around your eyes.

So, you can rest assured that your falsies will stay put even if you enjoy a relaxing facial steam.

Can You Wear a Face Mask with Eyelash Extensions?

Can You Wear a Face Mask with Eyelash Extensions?

Many people enjoy the convenience and beauty of eyelash extensions, but wonder if they can still use a face mask afterward.

The good news is that you can definitely wear a skincare face mask with eyelash extensions – as long as you avoid applying the product near your eyes.

Face masks usually come in two forms: sheet masks and liquid masks. Sheet masks are thin, paper-like sheets that are soaked in a serum or essence, and are designed to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Liquid masks, on the other hand, are thick, creamy formulas that are designed to detoxify and minimize pores.

When using a face mask with eyelash extensions, simply apply the product to clean, dry skin – avoiding the area around your eyes. 

Allow the mask to sit for the recommended amount of time, then rinse off with warm water.

What Not to Do with Eyelash Extensions?

If you’ve ever wanted to have long, thick eyelashes without having to use mascara, you may have considered getting eyelash extensions.

While this can be a great way to achieve the look you desire, it’s important to know how to take care of your new lashes. Here are some things to avoid doing if you have eyelash extensions:

Don’t use oil-based products around your eyes – This includes makeup removers, cleansers, and moisturizers.

Oil can break down the glue that binds the extensions to your natural lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely.

Don’t use waterproof mascara – Waterproof mascara is designed to resist water, which means it will also resist the solvents used to remove lash extensions.

This can make it difficult to remove your mascara without damage to your lashes.

Don’t pull or rub your eyes – This can cause the extensions to become loose and fall out. If you need to remove something from your eye, be gentle and use a cotton swab or pad.

Don’t expose your lashes to excessive heat – This includes saunas, steam rooms, and sunbathing. The heat can cause the glue to weaken, leading to lash loss.


So, can you get a facial with eyelash extensions? Yes, you can – but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure your lash extensions are protected throughout the facial, avoid getting any product on your lashes, and cleanse your lashes thoroughly afterwards.

You should also be careful not to expose your lashes to excessive heat. So, the good news is that you can enjoy a relaxing facial while still keeping your lashes looking gorgeous.