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Can You Do Acrylic Nails With Polish Over The Top?

It’s a common question that even experienced manicurists struggle to answer conclusively: Can you do acrylic nails with polish over the top? It may seem like an easy enough solution, but there are a few things to consider before deciding if this method is right for you.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of applying nail polish over acrylic nails, discuss safety and health considerations, and provide tips on how to get great results. Read on to find out everything you need to know about doing acrylic nails with regular nail polish.

Can You Do Acrylic Nails With Polish Over The Top?

What Is The Difference Between Gel And Acrylic Nails?

Gel nails and acrylic nails are two popular choices when it comes to nail extensions. Both types of nail extensions offer many benefits, however, there are some differences that should be weighed when deciding which one is right for you.

Gel nails are the most popular choice among salons, as they are known to provide a more natural-looking appearance than acrylics do.

Gel manicures stay shiny and long-lasting without needing much maintenance other than drying time under a UV or LED light after each application. They also require less filing due to their thinner nature compared to acrylics. However, gel can chip and break easily, so regular touch-ups may be needed over time.

Acrylic nails require more long-term commitment, as they take longer to apply and need frequent visits to the salon for fills every 2–3 weeks to maintain them. They are thicker than gels and have a stronger durability.

Making them great for those who work with their hands regularly and thus prone to breakage of the nails themselves or of the extensions applied on top.

Acrylics can last up to 6 weeks before needing a refill but require more filing due to their thicker nature, so removal of these must be done carefully in order not damage your own nail’s nail bed beneath them.

Can You Use Gel Nail Polish On Acrylic Nails?

Yes, gel nail polish colors can be used on acrylic nails with caution. Acrylic nails usually require a base coat to help the polish adhere to and protect the nail. Before applying any color, apply a base coat designed for acrylic nails.

This will help keep the manicure lasting longer by protecting the surface of your acrylic nails from getting damaged or discolored over time. It is important that you use an acetone-free remover when taking off old gel polish and avoid picking at it or peeling it off, as this could cause damage to your acrylics.

Make sure to let each layer of color dry completely before moving onto another, as this helps ensure that the color would last longer without fading away easily due to external contact or moisture.

After polishing, seal in your manicure using a topcoat specifically made for use with gel nail polishes on acrylics to give it extra protection and durability against chips and wear.

Can You Do Acrylic Nails With Polish Over The Top?

It is possible to use polish over the top of acrylic nails. Acrylic powder is applied to the nail to create a hard and durable layer that is resistant to chipping, cracking, or peeling. The acrylic powder is mixed with a liquid monomer and then applied to the nail using an applicator brush.

After it has been applied, it is cured with a UV light until it forms a hard shell-like finish on the nail. Once this process is complete and the nails are dry, you can paint them with any type of polish you like.

When applying your polish on top of your acrylics, make sure to clean up any mistakes quickly before they dry with some acetone, as this will prevent staining or dulling of your beautiful new nails.

When applying multiple coats of polish, allow each layer to dry completely before continuing on so that you can achieve an even finish without streaks or lumps in your color.

Make sure not to use any harsh tools like metal cuticle pushers when shaping your nails, as this can cause damage and lifting of the acrylic layer underneath. Remember always keep your natural nails healthy by regularly buffing away dead skin cells and moisturizing them properly so that they don’t become brittle or worn out too quickly.

Can You Do An Acrylic Mixture With Gel Polish On Your Nails?

Can You Do An Acrylic Mixture With Gel Polish On Your Nails?

Yes, you can do an acrylic mixture with gel polish on your nails. This type of manicure is often referred to as a dipping system, which uses a powdered mixture of polymers that is applied over the natural nail and then sealed.

The main benefit to this type of application is that it provides quick and easy coverage for weak or brittle nails while offering extended length.

The mix produces durable and glossy results that last far longer than traditional polishes. To achieve the best results, it’s important to find a qualified nail technician who has been properly trained in how to apply the powder mixture.

The process begins with prepping the natural nails by filing and shaping them with a nail file, into their desired look before applying a surface layer of glue.

After this step is complete, the technician at the nail salon (or yourself with a nail kit) will dip your nail into the acrylic powder before wiping off any excess product from around your cuticle area and sides of the fingernail bed. Finishing the look with a top coat, to seal in your nails.

Finally, they will apply a UV light or LED lamp onto each finger to set your nails and complete the process. Once fully cured, you will have shiny and long-lasting fingertips just waiting for some fun color.

Although there are various versions available on today’s market for both salons and at-home use such as traditional powders or dip powders (also known as SNS), consulting an experienced technician is important because there is more risk involved when activating polymer mixtures onto your natural nails directly compared to traditional polishes or gels.

Will Applying Regular Polish Over The Top Of Acrylic Nails Damage Your Natural Nails?

Applying regular polish or nail art over the top of acrylic nails is not recommended due to the potential damage it can cause to your natural nails. Acrylic can absorb the moisture from a nail polish, which can make your nails brittle and prone to cracking or chipping.

It is also difficult to remove the traditional nail polishes from acrylic nails, so you may have difficulty removing them when it’s time for a refill or sculpting. Regular polishes are made with harsh chemical solvents that weaken your actual nails, oftentimes leading to thinning and peeling at the nail bed.

This type of damage makes it difficult for your natural nails to grow out healthily and remain strong under old polish. Applying regular polishes over the top of acrylics is not advised, as this could lead to permanent damage or discoloration on both surfaces – your acrylics and natural nails alike.

If you need coverage between touch-up appointments, try using a gel polish applied with an LED light system – this method preserves strength while providing lasting color without compromising quality on either surface, and will prevent damage to your nails.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails After You've Applied Normal Nail Polish Over The Top?

How To Remove Acrylic Nails After You’ve Applied Normal Nail Polish Over The Top?

Removing acrylic nails after you use regular nail polish over the top requires patience and using the right techniques. To remove them, start by soaking a cotton ball in acetone nail polish remover. Place the cotton ball on each of your nails and wrap them tightly with foil or saran wrap to keep it in place.

Leave this on for fifteen minutes or so, allowing the acetone to dissolve both the nail polish and acrylics. After removing the foil, take an orange stick and gently press down onto each of your nails.

If the artificial nails are ready, they should come off easily. If there’s any resistance, use a pair of tweezers to carefully pull off bits of glue and acrylic from your nails. Once all the acrylics have been removed, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying regular hand cream or lotion to rehydrate your skin.

Now that you know how to remove acrylic nails at home, it is important to also remember how to properly maintain them once applied. Always avoid picking or tugging at any pieces which may be loose, as this can cause further damage – instead clip loose pieces with nail clippers whenever necessary.

When applying regular nail polish, ensure it is done evenly over all surfaces – layered too thickly can lead to chipping or breakage, while layers that are too thin will only provide weak protection against chips or scratches.



Can you do acrylic nails with regular nail polish over the top? Yes, you can use regular nail polish on top of your acrylic nails. However, it is important to consider safety and health considerations before doing so, as traditional polishes contain harsh chemicals which can weaken or damage your natural nails if not applied and removed correctly.

It is recommended that gel nail polishes be used instead of regular ones whenever possible – these are easier to apply and remove due to their thicker consistency, while providing both strength and durability against chips or cracks.

When using any type of polish on top of the acrylics, make sure to clean up mistakes quickly with some acetone and let each layer dry completely before continuing on for best results.

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