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BIG Beauty News! Bath & Body Works NOW IN THE UK!

If you’re a UK beauty addict, you’ll have heard so many amazing things about Bath & Body Works, but they weren’t available in the UK. They did actually used to be in the UK maybe twenty years ago, but until yesterday, we had to rely on expensive resellers or the UK B&BW Facebook group to get our hands on their products.

Bath & Body Works don’t ship to the UK either, so if you wanted to order via their website, you’d have to use a shipping forwarding service, which is expensive, and in all honesty, a faff too. However, there’s very exciting big beauty news; Bath & Body Works has now launched IN THE UK!

*You can see my Bath & Body Works UK haul right here*

BIG Beauty News! Bath & Body Works NOW IN THE UK!

Bath & Body Works UK Launch

I’ve been lusting after Bath & Body Works products, but I just wasn’t going to use a shipping service to get them, as it costs in excess of £50, and is likely to be £100+ just to get your order shipped, which is crazy prices, but now there’s no need to use shipping forward services, because Bath & Body Works has launched at NEXT!

BIG Beauty News! Bath & Body Works NOW IN THE UK!

I am so happy about this news, and I’ve already placed an order for a selection of their products, I’ve been wanting to try, with over 270 products to choose from. Right now, the Bath & Body Works product collections available via Next’s website are;

I have got a big UK Bath & Body Works haul on the way with their different product types on offer, and I’ll be sure to share what I ordered very soon, but they have everything for the perfect bath.

Next haven’t yet confirmed if the Bath & Body Works collection will be available instore, similar to the Victoria’s Secret collection, but I’ll update this post as soon as further information is shared. In the meantime, you can check out the Bath & Body Works range right here.

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