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Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!

Were you a fan of the Benefit Dallas or Benefit Sugarbomb Box O’ Powders. Well Benefit have announced that they’re both ‘new shades’, which means they’ve been ravamped and reformulated! They recently launched two pretty cheek palettes, both of which are proving to be a massive success, and they only launched this week.

There’s the full size Benefit Cheek Stars On Tour Palette with five full sized powders, and also a cuter, mini version – the Benefit Cheek Star Mini Reunion Tour Palette with three mini sizes. They’ve been super busy because that’s not all either, they also relaunched their Georgia Blusher too with a new shade and new box.

Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!

credit: Benefit

Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!

So why did Benefit relaunch, and tweak the shades of Benefit Dallas and Benefit Sugarbomb? Honestly? I don’t know. I don’t know if they perhaps have a new creative team, or they want to take the brand in a new direction, but for me I feel like it’s pointless relaunching products and changing the shades.

Surely it makes better business sense to launch a whole new shade, that people will want in their collections? Those of us who already own Sugarbomb or Dallas aren’t going to buy the new version as we already own it.

Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!

Benefit Dallas Mini Box O Powder – an outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder

Give your complexion a natural-looking glow that will have you appearing younger and more vibrant. This sheer wash of color dusted across your cheeks, forehead and chin gives any complexion a sunkissed radiance… it’s a glow that defies even Mother Nature.

  • Blush & bronzer
  • Great for all skin tones
  • Includes soft, natural-bristle brush

Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb Box O Powder Relaunch!

Benefit Sugarbomb Box O’ Powder – rosy pink powder blush


Benefit’s sugar rush blush has had a sweet MINI makeover! The NEW mini Sugarbomb features four bold, shimmering shades to give cheeks an instant rush of colour. Swirl the four complementary shades together and sweep on rosy-pink sweetness!

  • NEW! rosy pink shade
  • Instant radiant flush
  • Exclusive mini size
  • Includes mirror & soft, natural-bristle brush

I honestly can’t see a difference in either ‘new shade’, and definitely not a difference that warrants a relaunch. It’s so strange to me, but it’ll be interesting to see how popular they are. Both ‘new’ Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb shades are available in both a mini size with 4.5g for £14.50, or a full size with 9g for £27.

When did the Benefit powders get so expensive?  The mini versions of the powders used to be around £10, but they’re now nearly £15, and the full sizes are now more than a NARS blush which blows my mind – specially as the packaging hasn’t been upgraded on either the Benefit Dallas or Benefit Sugarbomb Blushes.

Make sure you look out for swatch comparison photos to see the difference between the two prior to purchase, as you may not even need the ‘new’ version. Something else to consider is the price of their full size Cheek Stars Palette.

The Palette is £52 with five full size powders, and it contains both Benefit Dallas and Sugarbomb, so you’d be better off buying the full palette and getting three extra full sized shades than purchasing these both individually.

BUY HERE: Benefit UK / Selfridges / Boots / Lookfantastic / John Lewis / Cult Beauty / Sephora 

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